Rules…What rules?

It never fails to surprise me how okay people here seem to be with anything and everything.  The most unusual and strange things can happen and people don’t give it a second thought.  While this isn’t that unusual or strange, it still surprises me….

At the bottom of my tiny street in the middle of no where is where we catch buses.  And I usually end up riding the bus at least 1 time per day.  What usually happens is I leisurely walk down the street peering through the 2 trees half-obscuring my vision of the approaching buses, keeping an eye out for my bus (702 if I am going to the gym/140 if I am going downtown…802 used to go to the gym but one day it just decided to change its course and no longer goes to the gym, making it useless to me).

This is the stree that I walk down to reach the bus stop

This is the direction that my bus goes

This is the direction that my buses come from

The 702 bus is the worst because it is always crowded to the point where you might as well be glued to the 40 people bumping up against you.  The 802, as I had mentioned above as being now useless, literally did just change its route one day.  Now, it turns about 3-4 bus stops before the one where I want to get off.  So, if I am feeling extremely antsy, I will still take it and then switch buses or walk the rest of the way.  But, most times, I idiotically wait for the 702.  I say idiotically because besides the fact that it is way too crowded, it sometimes only comes ever 20 or so minutes and then doesn’t even stop to pick up new riders.

When the bus doesn’t stop to pick up people, I sigh and shrivel up into a pile of despair while the people around me pretend we hadn’t just been punked.  The first time it happened I looked at everyone’s faces and realized that they could have cared less, despite the fact that I knew for a fact many of them were definitely waiting for that same bus as me.

So after many hours of waiting in the miserable cold, when I finally do catch my bus, it sometimes decides that it can do whatever it wants.  So if there is a lot of traffic on our road…it doesn’t matter.  Alternative routes…no problem.

“Today, this traffic is too much.  I will take the side street that skips about 8 or so bus stops.  No problem.”

Seriously, the bus sometimes tries to avoid traffic and takes a side street that goes through what I imagine to be a small, hidden village here on the outskirts of Changsha.  This doesnt really bother me because it doesn’t skip my stop, but I just don’t quite understand how this is, well, okay.  It’s a world with no rules I guess.  Like when there is a red light and the bus driver decides, “Whatever dude, red lights don’t apply to pedestrians so why don’t I just pretend to be a pedestrian.”  What?  Well, what they do is drive a little to the right, a fake right if you will, and drive in the white lines designated as the area where pedestrians should cross the street.  A bus is a little bit bigger than your average human being, but it doesn’t matter.  This is apparently the best technique to stick it to the man….aka skip those completely unnecessary red lights.

That’s it for now.  It’s almost time to get my students final exams.  Woot woot!  Time to grade..all day.


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