No More Class – in the sense of teaching that is – I’ll always remain classy

Not sure how many Vlogs I’ll keep up with…but here’s another one.  I guess it takes less time than writing.  And I do like talking.  But talking to a computer displaying my face is strange and kind of sad.

This one may be the most awkward of them all.  I think so anyway.  In writing, I can kind of hide behind my words.  But…in a vlog, you can see me!  I’m naked.

Hey, Mom.  My mom is my number 1 reader.  I think…since she comments on practically anything.  Although, Mom, I still am a bit offended that you only said to send your love to Will when I wrote about him being kicked by some crazy man.  I was slapped (the hardest slap ever witnessed in person – said Will) in the same post.  Perhaps you were just sure that my brute strength and beer muscles protected me.

K.  Well, here’s my Vlog.  I should get back to recording grades for the 10o Sky’s, Becky’s, Lucky’s, and
Daisy’s that are my students.  P.S. Favorite name of a student this year:  Neck.  –Why is your name “Neck?”  She thought it was funny.  Oh, and I strangely enough have some girls with blatant boy names. “My name is Robert.  Yes, I know its a boy name.  But that’s what makes it special.  Because I’m a girl.”

K.  Picture.  Then Vlog.

Yes. This is in my classroom.

Now Vlog:


3 thoughts on “No More Class – in the sense of teaching that is – I’ll always remain classy

  1. this is your #1 fan and i do love reading your blog or vlog(?) i’m at work
    now so i can’t hear you but i can see you and you look so cold! stay warm and stay away from those gross bugs (we have them also and i hate them so much) stay warm and keep blogging love you mom

  2. i left a reply on the wrong entry today but your stink bugs are much larger than ours
    in dunmore! i can’t believe a mouse pooped on your clothes that is soooo disgusting-you must get mouse traps and please shave your beard old man! guess who

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