My Father Loves Me

Here is an excerpt from a conversation with my dad.   Keep in mind that its written verbatim…I record all conversations just in case I need to blackmail people.  Here:

“I didn’t actually see your virtual tour thing, but I heard it cuz your mother was watching, HAHA.  Why did you do that?”

“What do you mean, dear father?”

“Why would anyone want to see your apartment?”

“I don’t know, father.  Perhaps people are a interested in seeing what it looks like where I live…”


“Well, I am sorry to have ruined your day.  But that’s what blogs are for, to inform people about what you are doing/how you feel…”

“I don’t understand blogs and I don’t understand why you would have a blog.”

“Oh father, how you have hurt my feelings.  You do know how sensitive I am.”

“Whatever.  Talk to your mom.”

Anyway.  My father never reads my blog so he won’t see…But my next VLOG post is dedicated to him.  It’s about farting bugs…definitely a suitable topic to be dedicated to my father (if you know what I mean..)  Oh, and I realize this is super awkward.



3 thoughts on “My Father Loves Me

  1. They are stink bugs. They came from asia and took over the US. My house was covered in them this fall… They are big and clumsy and look like ancient fossils. Why are they even still around???? When you squish them or touch them they release a gross smell to scare away predators like yourself so if you do want to get rid of them you should just scoop them up and flush them!

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