Leather Boots and Booty Shorts – all the rave

Yesterday at the gym, I was sitting at a machine when someone walked by me.  It was a girl wearing high-heeled leather boots and some little booty shorts.  Where was she coming from?  I thought that maybe she was a dance instructor for the “pole aerobics” or whatever they call it.  Anyway, I went back to my lifting.  But then, someone else walked by.  At first, I only noticed the leather boots as they whooshed across the floor.  These boots didn’t have heels (I didn’t think), but then went even higher than the other ones.  These ones went higher than the knees.  I started to look up to see who was wearing these boots.  As my eyes moved upward, I realized this person was wearing skin-tight, leather booty shorts.  And the shirt?  Well, I don’t quite remember.  I just remember thinking, “Oh my god, that’s a man.”  Was he wearing a little policeman cap, also?  I want to say yes, but I was a bit overwhelmed, and I may be mistaking him for the skinny club-dancer who cross-dresses.

So the guy rushed across the floor and disappeared.  Everyone remained unfazed.  When I walk by, all heads turn.  But pole dancing male strippers…perfectly normal.

I was almost finished with my routine at this point, and so it was inevitable that I would see boots boy in the locker room.  When I did walk in, there were double the amount of people in there than outside in the gym (people actually go to the gym just to shower sometimes…especially students who don’t have running hot water in their dormitories..).  So it wasn’t until I was about to leave that I saw him again.

I went to wash my hands, but the sink was preoccupied.  Boots boy was basically showering in it.  Why not go to the actual shower room to wash your hair?  Well, easy: because that would require taking off your boots.  Yes, he stood at the sink, washing his hair (shampoo, conditioner, and all) as I stood there and waited.  Normally, I would squeeze through and wash my hands, but his head was basically under the faucet.

This wasn’t even the most bizarre thing about the experience.  Standing next to him were two other dudes blowdrying their hair.  Ever wonder how Chinese men get that perfect (or imperfect…) fluff in their hair?  Blowdrying.  At this point, I am used to it.  Blowdrying your own hair is fine.  Keyword being own.  But, that’s not what was happening here.  The one guy was blowdrying the other guys hair for him.  And blowdrying is not just a process of “drying.”  It’s a process of poofing out the hair.  So when I say, he was blowdrying his friends hair, I mean, he was combing his fingers through his friends hair as he blew warm air over his head.  All of this going on next to a shirtless dude wearing leather boots and (leather) booty shorts.

Oh, ziyang fitness.


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