My friends look like…..

So a week or two ago, I was supposed to teach the difference between “looks” and “looks like” and how to follow it up.  Well, I came up with this brilliant idea to show pictures of my friends and family and have my students describe what they look like to me.  They enjoyed it….But not nearly as much as I did.  Let me show you how this resulted:

Picture number 1 – Halina:


halina's delightful pic


The first person was Halina.

After nailing Halina on the head, they decided to boost Zak’s already inflated Ego – Picture # 2 – Zak:


zak unaware of evil german cookie monster


next was zak

Next was Katy, rockin’ it at a club in Hong Kong.  Not sure if this is before or after she fell on the ground…something I do have a picture of but refrained from using.  Picture #3 – Katy:


katy rockin' it


then katy

A pic from senior week in Myrtle Beach.  This is Greg, Dave, and I…oh and Vitro.  Pic #4 -Greg, Dave, and I:


greg, dave, and i - pic


dave greg and i

This is my personal favorite.  Both classes came up with the same thing.  Pic #5 – alli:


alli's pichello kitty

hello kitty


This was my favorite lesson to date since I was able to listen to my students make fun of my friends.  Other than that though, one thing I want to note is how frequently people ask to take our picture’s here in Changsha.  When I say “our” I mean, us foreign faces.  People on the streets, people in restaurants, and especially students.

“Can I have a picture with you?”

“Sure,” I always respond.  But that doesn’t mean “a” picture.  It means “many” pictures, with each person within a 4 mile radius who has heard that there is a precious photo shoot with the foreign teacher.  I may be exaggerating a bit, but take a look at these photos.  They happened during the 10 minute break in class:


Not so secretly taking pics of me



lots of pictures






so famous



enough already


I find it unbelievable that every single person seems to have a camera in their phone.  One girl didn’t have one, and apologized to me.  Why was she apologizing?  I don’t know.  Maybe she thought that I wanted her to take my photo.

The other thing that is followed up by the picture taking is the “Can I have your QQ number” or “Can I have your phone number?”

I don’t mind giving out my QQ number…my QQ is already full and I can’t accept anymore friends.  But, I hate giving out my phone number, something I have to do all too often since the students often catch me holding it in my hand.  Then the text comes through 3 hours later, “I am so extremely meeting you today !~ haha!  you are so handsome and cool!~  Do you think so?”

I should respond, “Why thank you!  Yes.  I am so cool and handsome!  Thanks for noticing.  You are very observant and courteous!”  But, I usually just ignore.

Another favorite first text is, “Can we be friends?”  or “I hope we can be good friends.”  Uh, yeah, sure.  But, can we please move a little more slowly!  Everything is going so fast!!!!

Oh, China.  Thank you.

That is all for now.

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