Orange Isle Music Festival and a Kick to the Face

On Thursday, I went to the Orange Isle Music Festival, and it was awesome.  After waking up at 2:45 PM, I went to the gym, and then talked to my friend, Alayna.  The weather was a tad bit cool and drizzly, but why should that affect our decision to rock out to Chinese pop bands?  Well, it did scare away a few friends…but not us.  Oh no.

To get there, we ended up walking about 2 miles, across a bridge and then across the island.  On our way to the concert area, we walked by crews of Chinese scalpers.  While this is something that people try to do discreetly in America, these men were casually chatting with police officers.  No big deal.  But being good citizens, and for fear of the tickets being rejected, we bought the tickets at the actual door.

When we walked in, we discovered huge sand patches where people must have been camping out…?  I think.  Near the stage, we noticed that the crowd was much smaller than anticipated.  I was able to walk all the way up to about the 3rd line of people.  However, while I would have been proud of this feat in America, I became distinctly aware of my giant height.  Yes.  I was a giant.  Some girl even told me that I was too tall and had to stand behind her.  I was able to shrink myself about six inches by crouching down and still see over the heads of everyone in front of me.  It was the best.

Other things to note during the festival:

– A foreign dude who sang back up vocals on a Chinese song.  I was only a little jealous.  I’m rarely jealous of men with ponytails….

This is the chick performing. Don't know her name. The foreigner sang with her.

– Alayna went home early?  Why, you may ask?  Because an American (friends with Zak, our friend) pissed all down the back of her legs while she was standing there listening to a song.  “Oh, you met Christian!” I exclaimed to Alayna (I had met him the weekend prior to this festival).  “He just pissed on me!”  So yeah, that happened.

– Mosh pits.  A bunch of Chinese 20 -year -olds slamming into each other like real punks.  Well Chinese 20-year-olds and me.

– The waving of some red Chinese flag (not the national flag, but that of something else) that I commandeered more than once.

The waving flag

Better picture of the flag. You wouldn't believe how bad someone can be at waving a flag, also. That terrible flag-waver was me...

– One band covered a song by The Doors.  It was rad.

– Lots of Man Love as we stood in a circle, arms over each others’ shoulders swaying back in forth singing the words..or in my case, pretending to know the words.

– Lots of “Tai Niu Bi” yelling.  “You’re so fucking awesome!”

Rocking hard. TAI NIU Bi!

– The concert ended with “Wo ai Beijing.”

– I was all alone when it ended, but I didn’t care.  I walked over the bridge and went straight to McDonalds.

After meeting some foreigners and downing burgers, I met Will at Song & Song.  There he had a table and drinks.  Why?  Because he was drinking with the owner, Bryen.  Bryen is 28 and owns the dance club/bar.

So what happens here is the most absurd thing that has happened in a long time…..

Will comes out of the bathroom.  He has a look of disbelief and fury on his face.  “A man just kicked me in the face.”

“Wait, what?”

“A man just kicked me while I was peeing in the bathroom..”

“Wait, what?  While you were peeing?”


“What?  Why?”

“I don’t know.  He found out I am American, then kicked me in the side.  Then he tried to kick me in the face and hit my shoulder.”

“So you were kicked twice?  Not once?”


“Who was it?”

“I don’t know!”

I still couldn’t believe the whole story, but whatever.  We decided to leave shortly after that.

So, I’m standing outside, and Will is standing in front of me.

“That’s him,” he says.

“That’s who?” I ask.

“The man who kicked me!”

I turn around to see a 5 foot 2 inch (that’s being generous….) 40-year-old man wearing a baseball cap.  He resembled my friend, Mr. Chai, who is a government man, and so naturally, I thought this man had to be harmless.  Plus, I had been dancing on a stage with this guy at one point during the night for a brief period of time.

“No, that guy is cool.  I was dancing with him on the stage.”

I ate my words pretty quickly, as the man marched over and laid another kick on Will.  Once again, he went for Will’s face.  However, Will was a bit more prepared this time and was able to avoid any heavy blow.

Shocked and being quite the peacemaker, I tried to see what’s wrong.  The dude then slapped me across the face.  Direct hit.

Now, I was standing there trying to figure out what had just happened.  After this, our friend, Tim, is attacked.  I can’t even remember if his was a kick or a slap.  But it was something.  Possibly a combination of both.

So, we were 4 Americans, and 3 of us were attacked.  What’s the common trait between us all?  Yes, that’s right.  This man hated America.

Thankfully, we weren’t idiots, and we didn’t retaliate in any way.  But, we did egg the man on a little afterward as his friends restrained him.

“He’s really drunk,” our Chinese friend, Maggie, said.

“Yeah, so are a lot of people…that’s no excuse,” we tried to explain.  But everyone else seemed to think it was a perfectly logical excuse.

Oh well.  We then went to KTV until 6:00 AM.

Maggie, Will, and I at KTV late night

After KTV, Will and I went to get breakfast at McDonalds. On our way there, we bumped into our Chinese friend, Romeo, who we had been with at the bar until about 3:00AM.  We had just finished KTV and he had just woken up after a 3-hour nap at his friends house.  He invited us to eat breakfast at his breakfast restaurant.

“Sure,” we said.  “How far?”

“40 minutes away.”

“Yeah, no thanks.”  We went to McDonalds.

After getting food, I could have taken the bus home, but at this point, I much preferred taking the cab that would go door to door.

So yeah.  That was the end of the night.

3 thoughts on “Orange Isle Music Festival and a Kick to the Face

  1. That assault incident seemed rather random, I have lived in China for 3 years and have yet to experience anything like that. What puzzles me is how on earth can a Chinese person work out if one is an American by just observing them as British, French, German, Dutch, Canadians, Australians etc etc, pretty much all look the same as “Americans”, if one is going on purely external features. I’d first pick you of being of Mediterranean or Middle Eastern appearance anyway. Well hope you don’t come across this experience again, drunkenness and violence tends go together in big crowds. Enjoy your time away, and I have enjoyed reading your blog!

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