Yeah, I’m down

One thing I’ve realized about my Chinese friends is that they are always down to do anything.

“Hey, come to lunch…”

“Okay.  5 minutes.”   And they are there.  Usually it takes a little longer than 5 minutes, but they come, even if they have already had lunch.  Us, Westerners, are stuck in this mindset that you only need to have one lunch.  But, in China, an invitation to any type of meal overrides the fact that you are no longer hungry.

Actually, an invitation to anything overrides anything else.  Even if there is no invitation, just calling someone could be taken as such.

When I was leaving Cili last time, I called Huang Xing Guo, to see what he was doing.  His school is near Happy Tom’s my favorite fast food place.  “I am at my friends.  I will come to you,” he said.  I hadn’t invited him to Happy Tom’s…  I was just saying, “Oh yeah, this is what I’m doing.  Yet, he dropped what he was doing, came to me, and drove me to the bus station.

Color Wolf is notorious for this.  He is always coming to lunch, dinner, the bar, anywhere really…  And more times than not, he is not interested in doing what we are.

So, the fact that Chinese people are always game…always down…to do whatever, is what of my favorite things about them.  It has nothing to do with peer pressure.  They just enjoy the camaraderie, or so that’s how it seems.  So, rock on China.

Alright, well I have to go.  Music festival.  Yes.  That’s right.  Music festival.


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