Some Pics from My School

So, although I have posted a fair amount of blog entries, there are many things that I do not know how to do.  I’m sure there are a ton of features that I could be using to make it look way cooler…but I’m not that technologically savvy.  But, this is my first “gallery” that I am inserting.  It was easier than posting individual pictures which you have to do one at a time.  I’m sure the other way is easier to look at though.  So I’ll try to do that more than this.  But for now, I guess I’ll preface the gallery.

– There are pictures from the road.  It’s a pretty industrial area.  Not too much life.

– Then there’s my little street which I love.   It has nearly everything I need.  So easy.  And so cheap.  They even have internet cafes for all of m

y students to play in!  Yes!

– There are some pictures from my back window.  Please note the drying bars from which we dry our clothes, and know that I once dropped a pair of boxers 5 floors.  They floated back and forth like a butterfly before crashing into a woman’s (or man’s…who knows) briefs and taking them to the ground.  I ran down, grabbed my boxers, and left her (or his) briefs on the ground.  “Hey, I have your underwear…” is not part of my vocabulary.  Well, I guess, I do know those words…but….yahhh..It was bad enough going into someone’s apartment to retrieve my pillow case that fell to their


– That’s about it…  Check ’em out


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