Day 3 Cili – Food, Booze, Ballin’, Water Slides, and KTV

Day 3:

– Wake up.  Still tired, of course.  But there is much to be done.  I don’t quite know why.  I don’t really remember making any plans, but we were going to have lunch, again, with Mr. Wan, HXG.  Some other men are there, too, but I can’t remember their names.  I think Mr. Wi (sp?) is one.

Part of the Lunch Crew. Probably taken around hour 2.

– Lunch turns into drink/eat-fest.  What more do you want to eat?  The beers will never end.  Anytime one is finished, another is pulled out of someone’s hat.  And no one was even wearing a hat.  The good news is, it provides plenty of practice for opening beer bottles with chopsticks.

– Kevin, a WT volunteer in Zhangjiajie, shows up in rough shape after a baijiu lunch and walks right into our 4.5 hour lunch.  Still sorry, Kevin.

– Chinese friends start turning up left and right throughout the meal.  WC comes.  Li Hong arrives.  Zou Qi comes.  It seems like it will never end.

– It finally ends at maybe 4:00.

– Next to the school.  Nothing like drinking for four straight hours before playing basketball with teachers.  And definitely nothing better than drinking for four straight hours before playing with the high school’s basketball team (they are actually really legit).

– After basketball, which thankfully didn’t last TOO long, we go to Wan Fu Hot Springs.

– Although, I have been there before, this time tops them all.  Do you know why?  2 Words:  Water slides!  Yes.  Relatively big ones too.  There’s a straight shot one with little drops that allows three people to race.  There’s a twisty open slide.  And there’s a twisty tube slide.  Awesome.

– After that, we spend some time in the Passing the Winds Hot Spring (one of the many perfectly named hot springs).

– Finally, we get dressed and head up to the theater room where we can lounge in La-Z Boys, drink coffee, and eat fruit.

Some Post-Hot Springs Action

– After all is said and done, it is 9:00 PM and we seem to be going home.  Mr. Wan is tired.  BUT, we are all hungry.  So obviously, we can’t be sent home hungry.  Off to my street restaurant!

– Another long-lasting meal ensues.  Topped off by an offer to drive me to Changsha the following day by one guy and a group invitation to KTV right then (midnight).

– Kevin Table shows up in his monsterous van, drives us there, then mysteriously disappears.

– We rock KTV (private karaoke) until 4 AM.  Mr. Wan is exhausted and goes through periods of intense dancing and laying sprawled out on the couches.  God.  KTV is the best.

– The town is dead when we walk outside.  None of the street restaurants are even open.  Back to Yi Zhong, our friendly school.  We wake up the guards–feels just like old days.  Then Chelsea and I skype all of her friends, per usual.

– Finally, I pass out.

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