Meals and Massages – Day 2 in Cili – Friday, Sept. 10th

Day 2:

– Huang Xing Guo (HXG) calls.  Lunch?  No Plans?  Okay.  Come with me.  I’ll call you soon.  (Sounds like a plan)

– HXG calls.  Come now.

– We are getting ready.

– HXG calls.  Where are you?

– We are getting ready……

– I go first.  A very Chinese way of saying things.  “I go first.”  Don’t really know why, but they say that just about every time they leave somewhere before me even if we aren’t going to the same place.

– Bump into Mr. Guo’s son.  I am criticized for not having recognized him at the dance club 2 weeks earlier.  And well, I did recognize him, but I couldn’t figure out from where.  Oh, Mr. Guo is HXG’s leader.  They are both “music men.”  Mr. Guo now owns a restaurant, also.  Being lao ban (boss) of restaurants is apparently the thing to do in Cili these days.

– The girls arrive, and we eat.  Well, and drink.  Of course.  Lunch lasts approximately 4 hours.

– Mr. Wan, government man from ZhangJiaJie arrives.  I think he may or may not be secretary to the mayor.  He has just arrived from Shanghai.

– I suggest foot massages.  Or foot washing.  The girls have never experienced this yet.

– We go to the place where they have a giant room, kind of like a movie theater without elevated seats.  And each seat is a La-Z-Boy Recliner.

– Foot washings/foot massages are really full-body massages with clothes on.  Well, except you don’t have socks on (they wash your feet…and massage them).

– Post-massage, we race to the school to get Stenn, a WorldTeach volunteer in Changde.

– After that, we head to Wang Ming Fu’s tea shop.  We sit at the little wooden tea table on the little wooden stump stools and drink out of tea cups that are make us look like giants.

– Before dinner, we take a casual stroll through town:  basketball courts, bought cookies, bought dumplings…the basics.

– We go to my street restaurant (only by name…i get no money, as HXG always points out–it’s actually his).

– And well, let me just insert some pictures from dinner.  That’ll say more than I can.

Most of the Dinner Crew (ZhangJiaJie gov't men and us)

My bros (Mr. Wan to my left and James King to my right)

James King, Stenn, and Linda

James and I discussing something..

Xiao Mei, Chelsea, and Mr. Wan. Pure class.

I don't know.

James and I, again. QQ friends forever!

Chelsea showing off our new bottle-opening technique

Chinese men get very cozy with new friends


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