Getting Buff and Teaching Rough

So.. it’s been about two weeks at my new school, and I still don’t have internet access.  However, that falls second to the mouse who ate through my headphones (and stole them the half with the earphones, mind you..).  Anyways, that is the reason I haven’t been able to upload any new blog posts.

Other updates on what is going on in my new life in Changsha:

– I got a gym membership at a gym that is about 20-30 minutes away from my school by bus.  So:  1 hour commute (total) and I would figure about 1 hour of working out.  Wrong.  I forgot to factor in the 1.5 hours of talking.  The gym is right next to Central South University, the best college in Hunan, and therefore, many of the students go there and well, being students at the best college in Hunan, they can speak really good English.  So they all want to practice with the foreigner, and my time spent at the gym goes from 1 hour to 2.5 hours.

– At the gym, I have a personal trainer.  I thought maybe this was a service offered by the gym for free.  It’s not.  But for me, it is.  This trainer is a student at one of the colleges nearby, and he wants to practice his English.  Therefore, he offers his services as a trainer and Chinese tutor to me for free.  As a trainer, he basically tries to kill me.  I’m sure of it–most hardcore thing ever.

– Also, at the gym:  People don’t wear shirts.  The men that is.  My trainer and translator (oh, because a different student, whose English is really good, follows us around and translates for us) always try to get me to take my shirt off.  I did it once, and felt sufficiently uncomfortable.  I put it back on not too long after.  This confused them.

– I taught my first week of classes.  One class has 43 students, and the other has 16.  Everyone raves about how great the class with 43 is.  I like the class with 16 more, thus far.  They are supposed to be lazy and less dedicated to English.  Their English levels may be lower, but overall, it’s just more fun to have a class where I can actually give attention to each student.

–> in the first class, only one student was absent (a success because these students rarely go to class, apparently).  So, I asked if anyone had his phone number.  Five had it.  I called up Tiny (that’s his name), and told him he had to come to class.  He came and is one of the best students in class.  He was completely undeterred by my 20 Questions I shot at him as he stood in front of the class during his late introduction.  Way to go, Tiny.

Well, my internet time is very limited since I have to use the office.  So, I must be off.  I will update more later.


2 thoughts on “Getting Buff and Teaching Rough

  1. I have been in china for two weeks and I just started teaching in liuyang (about an hour from changsha). I like your blog, very funny and reminds me of some of the experiences I have had here. Being a girl from a big city its been a bit hard getting acustumd to the slow pace, last-minute timing of China, but I think I will survive. Also, i completelly agree with you about the food, i DO NOT like spicy but the food here is pretty yummy.

    Good luck with your workouts : )

    • I’ll send you an email later, but I just wanted to say that I actually almost went to Liuyang yesterday to do some sort of English school opening. Unfortunately, by contract, I’m not allowed to do any outside work and the head of my department quickly shut that down. Glad you like the food, also.

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