Traveling Times

I was supposed to take Bus 2 or something and get off at zhong shang ting or something.  I don’t remember, but I know I was supposed to switch to bus 18.  I followed directions specifically, but what do you know?  There is no bus 18.  This was going to be the bus that would take me to the west bus station—I was returning to Cili.  But, I couldn’t figure out how to get there.

After withdrawing money at the bank, I asked a security guard how to get there.  He actually understood my nonsensical rant and pointed me in the direction of a different bus stop.  I should take 312 he said.

I was off searching for this bus stop.  It wouldn’t be long before I gave up and took a taxi.  The taxi made the trip in about 15 minutes.  I had arrived at the bus station at 10:50.  The next bus wasn’t until noon.  This meant that I must have missed the bus by about 10 minutes.  Sweet.

My bus filled up rather quickly, and I went to my signature area:  back left.  And as is customary, I chose a seat that wouldn’t remain in the upright position.  It gradually reclined until I was practically laying in someone’s lap.  I always feel bad about this, and uncomfortably struggle to remain sitting upright for no good reason.  I know in America, people would huff and puff and possibly even say something to me.  But, here in China, with their tiny little legs, the seats are practically meant to be reclined on them.

While reclining the seat is okay, it is also acceptable and quite preferable to hit the seat in front of you as often as possible.  This means that throughout a journey of any extended period of time, you will start to wonder what kind of game the person behind you is playing that involves smashing your seat.  I often imagine it to be that arcade game where you smash the gophers or whatever that pop up out of the holes.  During my flight from Newark to Beijing, the woman behind me must have set a new high score.

Arriving in Cili was a relief.  It has been cold and rainy in Changsha.  Cili was warm and sunny.  I stepped off the bus and took my standard walk out front, hopped on a motorcycle taxi, and was off towards Yi Zhong.

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