The Oh-So-Fun Medical Exam

I woke up at about 6 AM which made sense since I had gone to bed so early, and I was out the door around quarter after 7 to go get my medical examination.  I took a bus, and since it was raining, the traffic was nearly unbearable.  But, I made it, and Celia met me at the bus stop.

We arrived at the medical center at about 8:30, and the process began:

–          I filled out a form and then stood in line.

–          I was allowed to cut the extraordinarily long line.  Perks of being a foreigner…

–          I went upstairs with Celia, and I waited in a different line.

–          They checked my information, and then they took my blood.

–          Next, I had to pee in a cup that was the size of a teaspoon.  Tricky business, and especially dangerous with shaky hand, no cap, and button-fly jeans.

–          Then was my weight, height, and blood pressure.  They even did a color-blindness test which I aced.

–          The ultrasound was next.  I’ve always liked being ultrasounded.

–          The scariest part came next:  the EKG.  What that means is they had me lay down and roll up my pants and pull up my shirt.  They then clipped things to my wrists, ankles, and suctioned things to my stomach.  I barely even looked since I felt like I was about to be electrocuted.

–          Finally, I got a chest x-ray taken, and I was gone with the wind.

The medical exam didn’t take too long.  It lasted about the amount of time that I would have to wait in a waiting room at a doctor’s office in America.  So, I believe this was a success.  Thank you, medical examination center for being a hundred times more efficient than the police station.  Although, in the police station’s defense, they rarely have any work to do and so when there is something, then of course they will be confused.

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