Day 2: “Training” and Re-Introduction to Changsha

Highlights of Day 2:

– Training lasted a whole 20 minutes.  They read to me out of a packet that I had already read in 5 minutes while waiting for “training” to begin.  It was all information I had previously been given, and no reason to bring me to Beijing for.  And it was especially painful listening to her speak at such a slow pace.  Afterwards, I sat at a desk for an hour on QQ waiting for lunch.  I couldn’t figure out what kind of work the 3 girls were doing at their computers, but they were especially quiet.

– The staff members were 3 Chinese women in their mid-20s…it was easy to win them over.

– I was charged 75 USD in excess baggage fees.  I was furious….still am.  But, I have a plan.

– Got to Changsha and Celia, my new liaison, was waiting for me.  Our driver looks disturbingly similar to a friend of mine in Cili (just aged about 10-15 years).

– We went to Jono for our first meal.  It’s a Chinese-Western restaurant.  Katy, Zak, Halina, and I used to go there for Western food, but I discovered last night that the Chinese is actually better.

– Instead of taking me to my apartment which I had been looking forward to immensely, they took me to a hotel because no one’s on campus yet and they were worried about me being there alone with everything immediately outside the school closed.  They told me I would be in the hotel for 3 nights.  This was appearing to be the never-ending journey towards settling in.  I told them that was unnecessary, and I should only be staying in the hotel for 1 night now.

– The first thing I was greeted with in my hotel room at Lai Peng was a cockroach.  I flicked him into the sink, turned on the water, and watched him go down the drain.  Bianca, my friend, told me he would crawl back out during the night.  I knew that’s impossible but I closed the drain anyway.

– There was a massage card on the ground just inside the door.  Thank god!  I was worried I wouldn’t be treated with the same courtesy as in Beijing (oh by the way, I received 4 more sex massage cards while I was in the room and could hear them jamming it in the door crack, and I even received a phone call….Massage was the only English word she spoke, and she was whispering seductively).

– Other than that, not much.  Today, day 3, I have just spent a little time walking around.  Went onto a college campus and was disappointed about how cement-laden (sp?) it is.  I walked towards the only patch of grass.  That was cute.

– Today, I have to go to the police station to register.

– Tomorrow, I have to go to the hospital for a medical exam.

– They are spreading out my days, inhibiting me from going to Cili.  Oh well.

– Peace out.


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