ZhangJiaJie National Park

This here to the right is a picture of use at my friend Wang Ming Fu’s new tea shop.  He has a tea shop in Cili (my town), but then opened a much bigger more professional one in Wulingyuan.  We were drinking tea in this pic (duh)…what you may not know, is that the tea cups are the size of a babies pinky.






This is Xiao Mei’s baby.  All one needed to do was say “Yeah!” and she would do a peace sign.  Unfortunately, shewould only hold her fingers there for .376 seconds and it was nearly impossible to catch her in action.  Here was one of those rare times she was caught….

Entering the National Park









Halina, Craig, and I went to Zhangjiajie to do a multitude of things.  Mainly, we were catered to by government officials and we were able to see ZhangJiaJie National Park (for free).  It was pretty awesome.  Check out some of our pics here…

Here we are from left to right:  Xiao Mei (physics teacher), Xiao Mei’s baby (baby), Wang Ming Fu (tea shop owner), Craig (Tall American Boy), Halina (Tall, sort of American, Girl), Me (I dunno).  Thanks for making me the short American…

782 (qi ba er)

782 (qi ba er in Chinese) means “eat dick” in the local dialect of my town.  Halina’s fingers mean 7, mine mean 8, and Craig’s mean 2.  Some random travelers voiced, “qi ba er??” out loud in confusion while my Chinese friends shook their heads in disgust.  (p.s. the reason I learned this is because a local said this to me for no reason at all one day when I was running…how rude)

Craig Meditating

Halina kept saying how peaceful it would be to meditate here by oneself…  Craig then revealed that he had taken some sort of meditation class and showed off his fantastic skills to us.


I was already afraid of the monkeys in the park because one tried to eat me the first time I visited.  But this time, they seemed nicer…until one of them bared it’s teeth at me discreetly.  Wang Ming Fu saw it (I have a witness), but Halina refused to believe that these “adorable” creatures of questionable sex (seriously…very, very questionable) could have any evil intentions.

hallelujah mountain

Our Avatar pose in front of Hallelujah Mountain, the mountain that inspired the floating mountains in the blockbuster mega-hit “Avatar.”  Halina will later perfect the pose….

Avatar Pose take 2.....Halina took a few yoga classes overnight to prepare for the 2nd take of the Avatar shot. The classes clearly paid off.

Sick Dance Moves: The Night before we were taken to a surprise English Corner (informal English class/meeting for Chinese students. It was here that we were taught a dance called something like "The Traditional Stomp Dance." We had to dance in front of hundreds of people (in a group, of course). Here we are showing off our new moves.

Lover's Peak: "Ever since I first saw you, you have been so tall. That is what initially made me love you. Each day, you seem taller and taller, and for that, I love you. Craig, will you make me your loving husband?" I think he said yes. How can he refuse a proposal like that at "Lover's Peak?" Notice how the words on the sign even light up in the picture...true love? I think so.

Craig: "I don't think those Chinese people realize this is a joke.." Whoops

The mountains were kind of incredible...

halina in the carriage...good thing we didn't have to carry this all day....

Halina, Me, Craig, Chai Meng: Thanks so much to Chai Meng, our gov't official friend who took pictures for us all day. This is our final picture taken after walking down 8billion steps. Goodbye ZhangJiaJie National Park.


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