America vs. China

Cultural Difference #1:  Baby Potty Patterns

China:  Babies pee and poo everywhere.  When I say everywhere, I mean everywhere.  On the sidewalk.  On the street.  In the train station.  In the airport.  On the great wall (if a step looks like it is wet from rain and no other steps are wet…then it’s probably not rain or spilled water…if many steps are wet–it’s probable that many babies had to pee that day).  On a bus ride.  On a bus ride on Halina’s Ugg’s (ugh!…mei guan xi).  In your home?  (probable)  Anywhere you can possibly imagine, babies are squatting and peeing.  This is made especially easy since they are 1 – taught to squat immediately out of the womb and 2 – they have slits in their pants so that their private parts are always on display to the public (btw, Chinese people torture little boys by messing with their little penises, an especially cruel practice since it is their families that force them to wear such absurd clothes).  Oh and when I say Chinese babies, this can mean a child as old as 5 years old sometimes.  Or a woman as old as 60.  Public urination is an act taught to young ones and continued on throughout their lives (for men at least…drunk men piss anywhere and everywhere.  I will get to this later…)

America – Babies wear diapers.  Then they are potty trained….way boring, I know.

Anyways, I am back in America, and I just want to let you know that it doesn’t mean the blog is over.  If anything, it might mean there are many more updates coming because 1 – I have no job for 6 weeks and 2 – I have many things to update on from the recent past.  But I will not go any further now.  Also, I wanted to introduce my newest blog trend.  So there are many differences between America and China.  And well, I am going to let you know about them.  I will point out a new one in each blog post.  The baby potty patterns is the first, and well, I hope you enjoy them.


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