Bossy XJs

“I AM CRAZY!  I AM CRAZY!  I AM CRAZY!”  these are the words that Mr. Li screamed at Jon and I upon his arrival.  We were treating Mr. Li and his neighbors to a goodbye dinner, but Mr. Li had gotten beyond blasted at lunch.  So, we ended up going to dinner with a b unch of drunk dudes who could barely stand.

After dinner, I went to my street restaurantt, where I planned to chill for a moment before going to the bar.  Of course, Zhang Xi was there, hammered, and wanted to go to KTV.  He essentially kidnapped me, and first, took me to the bar, but no one could drink so they then took me to KTV.  Jon arrived then.  The first kTV place named CLUB only had one empty room and it was still dirty.  zhang xi got pissed and we left.  We went to a different KTV place, but there were no “beautiful women” and so then we went back to club which was now ready for us.

They marched out the line of chicks and I had first choice.  In the past, this is something that bothered me, but I have gotten over it.  Jon still hasn’t gotten over it so I chose for both of us.

Jon and I opened the KTV session with Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go.  I think it may have been the best song we ever sang.  he disagrees.

At some point, (after I sang thoung song), KTV turned into Disco dancing.  That was weird.  And then Zhang Xi paid all the chicks extra money to come to the street restaurant with us.  At this point, we were all pretty drunk, especially cuz the guys kept making their XJs drink full mugs with me and Jon.

So we got to the street restaurant for food, and after some time, I told them I was too drunk to drink and left.  I could have drank a little more, but, it was just a matter of standing my ground versus pushy paid-for women.  They were so bossy.  God, how can you be so bossy when you were paid for?  Answer that for me China…


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