Demon Cat

I almost stepped on the cat in the darkness…or at least I think it was a cat.  It made some devil sound and bounced away stopped and turned to face me.  I could only see its eerie shadow, and it started hissing or making some demonic growl.  Caught of guard, I figured it had just been surprised to see me also.  But no.  This thing was waiting for me.

I hissed back at it and stomped my feet in its direction.  But it remained where it was.  Then I started walking towards it in an aggressive manner, and it still didn’t move.  I stopped and walked backwards.  It started walking towards me at the same pace as Michael Myers would.  Then it stopped.

I stood there hoping somebody would drive by on a motorbike and scare it away, but the task of passing this cat and reaching my home safely was solely up to me.  I started to think about this cat’s behavior and decided it clearly had rabies.  It would attack me, bite me, and I would then have rabies.  I would be Meredith from the office.

So, I decided that I would have to be brave and sprint past it.  Finally, I started running.  The demon hesitated for a second and then ran towards me.  After running towards me for a few seconds the cat must have realized its inferiority and backed off.  I didn’t stop running until i was inside safe.

When I later left my apartment, I was terrified it would be waiting for me.  It wasn’t.  The demon had left me alone for the moment.


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