Chinese Men…hot messes

Chinese men are incredible.  They can go out, get wasted, be fat, go shirtless, eat like a vacuum cleaner, and still have a much too good looking wife waiting for them at home.

I just love that they often just look like complete slobs.  When someone is well put together, it’s a surprise, and I assume they must be some respected leader.  But that can’t be the full case because well, I know some respected leaders and…they are still what we would call a hot mess.  In China, it just doesn’t matter.  And for that reason, I love it.

Still, I often don’t know how to act in China.  For example, I now don’t know how to communicate with English speaking individuals.  Yesterday, I was playing basketball with the townies at the people’s square, as usual, when some kid turned around and said, “Hey, what’s up, man?”  I paused for a moment, said, “nothin really” and then sat their awkwardly for a moment.

“Do you speak English?” I asked.

“Yeah.  I lived in Canada for 2 years,”  he replied.

“Oh, awesome!” I said, and we conversed for maybe 2 more minutes before I ran out of things to say.  His name was Yi.  Or Joe.  I had been caught off guard and completely unprepared to speak to someone.  Usually at the people’s square, I am able to just chill and play basketball.  I don’t worry about communication with people.  And finally, I could talk to someone, and I didn’t know what to say.  Odd.  I know.

Another thing recently was the USA win.  It came promptly around midnight, and well, i went crazy.  I had been watching the game at my friend’s street restaurant, and I went absolutely crazy.  I had been on edge the entire game, and this was the tipping point.  During the game, people were afraid to approach me, knowing that they would be disrupting me.  “Please let us know when we can drink with you…” someone said once.

Huang Xing Guo told me, “Maybe you need to drink more for your team to win…”

I drank more.  And…we won.  Then I went crazy.  And someone from in their apartment threw a cup of what I expect was water out their window.  Most of it hit the tent, but the rest of it splashed all over the back of my legs.  I was in the midst of chugging as the second cup hit me again.  Fortunately, nothing could stop me.  USA had just won.

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