Yeah, I’m trying to blog…again

At this time, if you have ever even remotely followed my blog, you know that I often stop blogging.  Laziness, excessive alcohol drinking, traveling, too many stories and my problem of writing every little detail, and well, stories that shouldn’t be shared on the internet are all reasons.  But, the biggest reason is that I am lazy.

That being said, I’m going to make a conscious attempt to actually maintain this blog.  I will try my best, and let me begin by explaining the name.

Face is a tricky concept in China.  If you insult or embarrass someone then you cause them to lose face.  If you do something that you shouldn’t do-you lose face.  But, if you do good things or gain respect from others then you can gain face.

“HELP GIVE ME FACE,” WC (Wang Chao) screamed at me one night when he was begging me to go to KTV with him to meet some government officials.


Just by hanging out with a foreigner, Chinese people gain face.  In a small town where there are only three foreigners, showing off that you are friends with one of them gets you mad respect.

I had always figured that my Chinese friends liked showing Jon and I off, but this was the first actual expression proclaiming this.  And then furthermore, my friend Zou Qi told me that Huang Xing Guo invites me to his street restaurant every night because by having me there, it gives him face.  This is definitely true–he drags me around and has me drink with all of his friends after introducing that we are very good friends.  In fairness, he is my best friend here (43 years old, what up age difference) so I don’t care, and well, I do get free food and beer every single night.

So that is another thing.  Huang Xing Guo, the music man, the alcoholic, the 43 year old, the man who doesn’t sleep, the father of two sons, the husband to two wives, the best friend of me, has started his own street restaurant.  This means it is two tents, opens at 7PM and closes whenever there are no customers, and it serves just random meats, seafood, and veggies.  I have semi-convinced him to name it 弗兰克的夜市- Frank’s Street Market is the exact translation.  I think it may stick.  I am there every night after all.  He told me I can eat and drink there for free any time I want, and I do take advantage of it.

The best part is now, with the World Cup, he sets up a projector screen and plays the soccer games from 7:30PM until whenever people are gone.  So, I can sit there, eat, drink, and watch soccer.  Jon put it this way, “Going there is like Cheers.  Where everyone knows your name…”  And that’s exactly how it is.  Everyone who goes there is the “very good friend” of HXG (Huang Xing Guo) and they are now all friendly with us.

So I must be off now, but I just wanted to start up a blog again.  I’m going to try to write shorter blogs now and much more frequently.  This way, I won’t get tired, and people might actually read them.  Sorry my first post was boring.

My life isn’t always that exciting.

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